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homeabout VIJOBIbuilding lotshome plansmodel homecovenantsAmery, Wigallerycontact us

The true story of VIJOBI   

In 1955 two brothers, Bill and John Burman, and a their brother-in-law, Vin Christianson, bought land along the Apple River, approximately two miles north of Amery. They sold lots and constructed a few cabins, while pushing a winding trail through the woods, from Highway 46 to Cameron Bridge, over the Apple River.                        

When it came time to name the trail, it was Bill’s wife, Jeanne, that started arranging and rearranging the developers’ names and initials, in an attempt to come up with an appropriate acronym. Finally, using the first two letters of their first names, she put them in the order of Vin, (VI), John (JO) and Bill (BI) - VIJOBI Trail. 

For the rest of his life, Bill always told everyone that the trail was named after the VIJOBI Indians that once lived in the area. To non-family, we don’t think he ever told the truth about VIJOBI. We can only imagine the fun that he had spinning that yarn! 

The access to this deveolpment is off VijobiTrail. We named it Vijobi Hills in their honor. Nancy is Bill’s daughter. We bought the property from her Mom, after Bill's passing. While walking through the development, during road construction, a curious neighbor stopped to see what all the commotion was about. While visiting with Nancy, the neighbor told her about how the road was named after the VIJOBI Indians that once lived in the area! We bet Bill got a real kick out of that one.

The beautifully wooded, rolling, 65 acres of VIJOBI Hills will complete the development of the original tract of land. We welcome you to explore the opportunity of living in VIJOBI Hills.

Tom and Nancy Olson