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Lot 1        3.67 acres        $110,000 Sold
Lot 2        2.53 acres          $85,000   With finished home $419,000
Lot 3        3.64 acres        $110,000   Sale Price $77,000
Lot 4        3.83 acres        $115,000   Sale Price $80,500
Lot 5        4.01 acres        $120,000   Sale Price $84,000
Lot 6        3.39 acres        $100,000   Sale Price $70,000
Lot 7        2.48 acres          $75,000   Sale Price $52,500
Lot 8        2.32 acres          $95,000   Sale Price $66,500 On pond
Lot 9        2.38 acres          $95,000   Sale Price $66,500 On pond
Lot 10      1.89 acres          $60,000   Sale Price $42,000
Lot 11      2.45 acres          $75,000   Sale Price $52,500
Lot 12      3.26 acres        $100,000   Sale Price $52,500
Lot 13      2.04 acres          $65,000   Sale Price $45,500
Lot 14      3.98 acres        $120,000   Sale Price $84,000
Lot 15      6.19 acres        $185,000   Sale Price $129,500
Lot 16      2.93 acres          $90,000   Sale Price $63,000
Lot 17      2.51 acres          $75,000   Sale Price $52,500
Lot 18      2.33 acres          $70,000   Sale Price $49,000
Lot 19      2.05 acres          $60,000   Sale Price $42,000
Lot 20      2.44 acres          $75,000   Sale Price $52,500
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Every lot will have natural gas, underground electricity, telephone and cable TV to the lot line.

The roadside corners of each lot are clearly marked. At each lot you will find a lath (small piece of wood, approximately 3' tall), with the top 12" - 15" painted red. This marks the beginning of a path, marked with more lath, that leads to a prospective building site. At the prospective building site, you will find two more lath, a couple inches apart. By no means is this the only possible building site. That’s why we’re not clearing building sites on any of the lots. Don’t worry, we’ll help you find just the right spot for the log home of your dreams.

We believe that every building site has the capability of having a walkout basement. Depending on the actual building site, location of the garage, and so on, the walking path may also be close to being the path of the driveway. You are welcome to come browse, any time, on your own. If you would like a guided tour, just give us a call and we'll make arrangements to meet you there. We are happy to take you on a walking tour of every building site, if you would like. While we've cleared walking paths, please have long pants, socks and shoes. And remember, you're taking a walk in the woods, so use caution.
Here are some tips to help you narrow your building site selection:

Start with the size lot that you think that you might want. See the range of lot sizes on the map.

Lots 3, 4, 5 & 18 are heavily wooded, without much underbrush, making the sites feel more open.

Lots 6, 7 and 8 have the least change in elevation. Walkout basements are probable, but if you don't want a walkout basement, you should definitely include these lots in your tour.

Lots 8 and 9 will have a good view of the pond.

The building site on the 1.89 acre - lot 10, is strategically located, so that probable building sites for lots 9 and 11 even give this smallest site plenty of privacy.

Lots 12 and 15 have the most change in elevation.

Lots 13 and 14 are mostly covered with tall pines, 30' - 50' high.

It was winter, when we had a clear view of the Apple River, from on top of lot 15. There are so many trees, you can't see much of it in the summer. There are several building sites on this lot. We’ve just marked the one on the top of the hill. There are more sites towards the back of the lot.

Lots 16, 17 and 19 are heavily wooded, with considerable underbrush, for maximum privacy.

We've found two beautiful building sites on lot 20, so there are two red stakes in the ground, along the roadway, marking walking paths to each.

On the road serving lots 12 - 16, the official end of the road is at the lot lines, between lots 12 and 13, as well as lots 15 and 16. From there, the road narrows and is actually a shared driveway for lots 13 and 14. This driveway will be blacktopped to the dead-end, in the spring of 2007, along with the rest of the roads. The roads will then be turned over to Lincoln Township for snowplowing and maintenance. The owners of lots 13 and 14 will share snowplowing and future road maintenance of their shared driveway.

Thanks for your interest!
Tom & Nancy Olson
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Views from within the Vijobi Log Home Development
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